Trump will win — and that is just the beginning

Oct 23, 2016 · 1 min read

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Donald Trump tells the truth — according to some 100 Million Americans. 100 Million is enough to have a HUGE STRONG CORE of DEDICATED supporters.

100 Million supporters who believe in 3-word, smart-sounding sentences. Or less.

It does not matter if… (smart guys, insert your thoughts here, why Trump will NOT win — it all does not matter).

He talks, acts the way 100 Million Americans do (or did if they were THAT rich).

It will get worse

Once Trump is in power — he will prove he is right. So 100 Million Americans can REALLY:

  • hate immigrants / Mexicans
  • despise women / feminists
  • talk dirty
  • support state investments
  • protecting U.S. interests
  • see him as the MACHO MAN (see: Putin in Russia)
  • see him as the CONSERVATIVE KING (see: Orban in Hungary)

… (the list is very long).

For the talented, intellectual reader

I tell you all these based on experience. All narcisstic, populist leaders have one way only: deeper and deeper down. They have to make their promises come true. And they do. In the end it leads to real blood and war.

We are facing a very dark future.