magyarért görgess lejjebb vagy katt!

Things I wish I had known earlier#3 – Bodymind … and … balance – and soul

As esoteric as it may sound – and I am fully aware of the fact that there is a war raging on – bodymind is an extremely powerful and important concept.

This can be a subtle change – “bodymind” – written together. Not separately body / mind.

Your mind is utterly connected to your body. And vica versa.

Which one is more important?

Should you watch your thoughts first? Or your body first?

Let’s ask it in another way: what is worse?

To have depression?

Or to have a kidney stone?

Both can lead to utter, hardly bearable pain.

(Actually: women, who gave birth already, often say, that they would much rather have another child than to have another kidney stone. So do not under-estimate the power of kidney stone, please.)

So let’s dig into this: what does bodymind imply?

And what “balance” has to do with bodymind?

What the term “bodymind” suggests

Both your body and mind are important. And they are – connected. Is that simple enough?

Even if you are a scientist. Or a sportsman/woman. If you do not take care of one – the other will deteriorate.

Your bodymind will optimize, settle for the lower value: if your mind is deteriorating your body will suffer.

It is by no surprise that body maintenance was and still is important amongst monks: be it kung fu or yoga.

So what does it mean “taking care of”?!