The century of NO ASSHOLES. Go Pope Francis, go!

Jan 1, 2016 · 3 min read
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We have been living for tens of thousand of years as cave men. Then came Christ. Who died for us on the holy cross.

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There were other people with faith on the Earth. Real followers, whatever that may mean, with common traits:

  • respect for others / non-hurting others (accepting that everyone is fallible, that you should not hurt anyone on this same basis)
  • appreciate reality (“do not follow false saints” or “vidya” etc.)
  • accepting that there is someone larger than us: be it God, the universe or anyone, anything else (“Ishvarapranidhana”, “Islam” (please note that “Islam” means literally (word-by-word!) the same as “Ishvarapranidhana” for Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists)

Then came religions. “God invented faith, man invented religion”.
Religions with organizations. The need for power. Structure. To collect money.


And there came assholes who thought that form is more important than essence. Assholes thought that:

  • my religion is better / bigger than theirs
  • my God is more correct than theirs
  • I have special rules that others MUST follow
  • they have to protect their faith from non-believers, immigrants, any others

The results of these were division, raping women, kidnapping, killing, robbing anyone who is weaker than you.

And the results of these were politicians. Politicians who use all these (division, robbing, killing) to get to power.

We can name a few. And put numbers to it.

80% of the Popes. 90% of the kings. 80% of today’s Prime Ministers. The less developed a country is the more likely it is that you still have its entire government made up of assholes. I am terribly sorry for this, but politicians are very good at making up poor economics, be it the lack of food, equality, job opportunities etc. with promises and blaming things on others. “Others” can be immigrants, women, UFO’s, other political parties.

Time to go Pope Francis

The Catholic church started to lose power as people started to lose faith. The Catholic church lost 100’s of Millions of religious men in the past decade. Just like Hindus in India did. Just go to Delhi and ask them about religion. They will think you are PK (“drunken”).

So a man started to arise, who became a Pope. Pope Francis. To give people back faith. To start it all over. To eliminate assholes — from within the Catholic Church and from outside.

And Pope Francis is thought to be a liberal. He is not. He is the most Christian since centuries. He may be just as Christian as Jesus Christ was — though I did not know him in person. But you know: there are books full with his life and sayings. It is time to read them. And re-read them. Again. Do not rely on others’ opinion anymore.

Je suis ISIS — you are all assholes

Make no mistake, again: the same people who started ISIS — they are the same people in your country who are against equality, non-violence and anything that would bring us back closer to God. To become one, equal, to love each other. Irrespectively of skin color, faith, gender, origin.

These people are assholes. They will bear different names — sometimes even relating to faith.

They will be the ones who will be protesting the loudest against any “foreigners” or “immigrants”. Even in case their parents, wives, husbands are, were immigrants themselves.

They are pure assholes. Do not be misled by any other name.

Closing words

They will claim that this article is rude. That I am rude. I am liberal. I am playing with freedom. I am not. I love Christ. I am christian. More than they are, were or will ever be. I believe in faith.

Go Pope Francis, go! I am with you. It is time for faith. More than ever.

And, remember: they are assholes. Do. Not. Be. Misled.

Be they ISIS, r…s, F…S or any other parties in your home country.

We have to grow. It is our century. Not theirs. It is time to become one.